Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vintage Woodworking Videos

Swedish Woodworkers (1923)
In case the above link doesn't work, try this one
The Woodworker (1940)
Finland (1930s): making a maul at 10:30; making an axe handle at 12:47 in the video
Early Settlers of New England (1940)
French Woodworking (1912):  woodworking starts around 2:50
Swedish Coopers (1923)
Swedish Spoon Maker (1923)
The Pirogue (small boat) Maker (1949): woodworking starts at 4:20; manly dudes drinking from tea cups starts at 12:00


  1. Viewed the Swedish and Finland woodworking videos. Absolutely fascinating. To think no electricity and rudimentary tools, these crafts people produced works that were used by the locals. Everyday items that had to stand up to constant use. What a heritage.

  2. Hola Kari:
    Anxo mosquer from spain.

    Me an parecido de lo más hermoso y apasionante, y parece que no han pasado 6o o 70 años.
    Un saludo

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