Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vintage Woodworking Videos

Swedish Woodworkers (1923)
In case the above link doesn't work, try this one
The Woodworker (1940)
Finland (1930s): making a maul at 10:30; making an axe handle at 12:47 in the video
Early Settlers of New England (1940)
French Woodworking (1912):  woodworking starts around 2:50
Swedish Coopers (1923)
Swedish Spoon Maker (1923)
The Pirogue (small boat) Maker (1949): woodworking starts at 4:20; manly dudes drinking from tea cups starts at 12:00

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hout van Bomen
Chris Pye—loads of FREE information, including his newsletter

Ephemera and Books

The Toolemera Press


Bodger's Ask & Answer


Bill Carter
Old Street Tool, Inc. (formerly Clark & Williams)

Metal and Metal Engraving

Engravers' Cafe Forum
McMaster-Carr (source for metal)
MSC Direct (source for metal)
MSC Direct (direct link to abrasives and polishing)
Metal Supermarket (source for metal)
Metals Depot (source for metal)
Stewart-MacDonald (gravers, files, and tools for building stringed instruments)
Rio Grande (gravers, files, fret saws, polishing cloths)
Nathan's Forge (period and other hardware, hand-forged nails)
Sam Alfono (videos, classes)

Cool Medieval and Living History Stuff



Cedar Lakes Craft Center
Woodcraft —check classes at a store near you

Places to Visit

Hancock Shaker Village


Association of Polelathe Turners and Green Woodworkers

Miscellaneous Blogs

Bill Stankus